Energy Code Training for BIA Louisville - 12/17/2015

It's that time of year again where everyone needs their CEU's, and I've been asked to do another training class on the residential energy code for the Builidng Industry Association of Louisville!  This will be a 2-hour class on the energy code, as part of a 6-hour day with two other 2-hour classes.

Topics to be covered include:

The 2009 IECC and specifically the differences between the "prescriptive path" and "performance path" of energy code compliance for residential buildings.   Topics include: insulation requirements and best practices, window & door requirements, HVAC requirements including heating & cooling load calculations, duct-sealing and testing requirements, air-sealing and testing requirements, and HERS Ratings and how they are used in the "performance path" of compliance.

I've recently revised this presentation to include more pictures, videos, and also some more detail on the duct-leakage testing requirements that started being enforced in Kentucky this past summer.

For more info and to register for the event, click here!