Very knowledgeable

James Kenney, Clarksville, IN

I started the process of wanting to insulate my mid-1920s home. I had limited knowledge about home insulation and other ways to become more energy efficient. After contacting several reputable companies I realized there were many options. I could insulate the attic floor with cellouse or perhaps fiberglass or I could foam my roof deck and create a conditioned space in my attic. I could insulate the band joist in the basement (foam or foam board). Also I could insulate my exterior walls (again foam, cellouse or fiberglass), seal my ducts (seal from the outside or from the inside) or get new windows. Which solution or combinations of solutions were best? Was there a solution that was best for all homes or did all homes have a different “best” solution? The sales people who looked at my home were knowledgeable about ways to become more energy efficient. But they naturally recommended to me the products and service they offered. And if they offered several was I getting the best for me or the most profitable for them? Not having the knowledge to base a good decision I needed someone with both the knowledge and someone not biased by wanting to sell me something. So I called Eric George at Building Performance. His business is doing an Energy Audit to show the issues in your home. Calling Eric was a good decision. Eric is very knowledgeable and bases his recommendations on the specific facts he uncovers about your house. He provides you with a though report that identifies the issues found and recommendations for each. You will find that all homes are unique and have their own "best" solution. Eric will consult with you to find which recommendations are the ones that will give you the best return on your investment. He will answer your questions and consult with you about the options. He offers names of a variety of reputable contractors that he has seen their work and approach to their job. I received excellent value for what I paid for the audit. In the end I was confident that with the education I received from Eric that I could make a good decision.