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Energy Star Home Certification

ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments are designed and built better from the ground up.  These homes are meant to be more energy-efficient, comfortable, and durable year-round versus basic code-built houses.

The process to certify an ENERGY STAR Home is similar to doing a normal HERS Rating, but there are more stringent requirements and more documentation needed in order to pass.

The most difficult part of passing the ENERGY STAR Home requirements has to do with the HVAC system design, installation, and testing to verify the system performs as designed.  The difficulty really lies with the HVAC contractor and their knowledge and installation expertise, as the tests and reports that ENERGY STAR requires is not normally done by most HVAC contractors.  The good ones will understand and be fine, but many will struggle and may not be up to the task.


Additional training may be needed for the HVAC contractor to fully understand what is expected of them, so working closely with the HERS Rater and builder will be essential to a successful certification.

For more detailed info on the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes program, visit their website!

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