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Why You Need A "Pre-drywall Inspection" on Your New House

One common question we get from home owners and new builders who aren't familiar with energy code requirements is "why do I need to do a pre-drywall inspection"? The video below shows you a few reasons why!

One simple answer is it a great quality assurance step in the building process and we can catch issues and get them corrected before they get covered by drywall. After drywall goes up, it will be much more costly and intrusive to fix.

We take pictures of every angle of the interior and exterior of the house, documenting any issues that need resolved quickly, and those pictures can be very valuable later on, if any issues do arise after the home owner moves in.

If you're building a new house in Southern Indiana or Kentucky, make sure you call Building Performance to inspect and test your home to ensure it is as comfortable, healthy, and efficient as possible!

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