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Luxury Homes Podcast on Home Energy Inspections!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Building Performance Group featured on luxury homes podcast!

Heating and cooling efficiency are a major concern for many homeowners throughout the Louisville area and with heating and electric bills slowly rising every year, many homeowners desperately search for ways to lower their energy bills without forcing their families to live uncomfortably during the warmer and cooler months of the year. So, what can homeowners and builders do to ensure their homes are properly insulated, prevent air and duct leaks, and maintain a comfortable balance for their families – and their checkbooks?

This week, our company’s owner and founder, Eric George, had the pleasure to sit down with Perspectives podcast host, Greg Fleischaker to discuss how homeowners can help improve the heating and cooling efficiency of their newly-built and older homes throughout the community. Tune-in to learn what you can do to lower your energy bill, make simple adjustments to your already existing home to improve your efficiency, and live happily, healthily, and comfortably.

New home built by Artisan Signature Homes in Louisville
New home built by Artisan Signature Homes in Louisville

“We take things a lot further than a typical home inspector would because home inspectors are not allowed to actually tell you how to fix things.” – Eric George

Making Homes More Comfortable, Healthy, and Efficient:

  • How building codes for newly constructed homes differ from those for existing homes.

  • What our Home Energy inspections test for in older homes.

  • Why it is best to have your home’s energy inspection completed during the winter or summer months as opposed to the Spring or Fall months.

  • The three most common energy efficiency issues we see in older homes.

  • Why LED lights are better for electricity and cooling efficiency in your home.

  • A quick and easy way to reduce air leakage and heat loss around windows and doors.

  • How to correct heating and cooling issues in homes with fireplaces.

The Perspectives Podcast series is hosted by Louisville real estate brokerage Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty where host Greg Fleischaker takes a look at the culture of Louisville and what makes the city so interesting and full of possibilities. More episodes like this one, or in-depth looks at the Louisville luxury homes market and neighborhoods such as Anchorage, St Matthews and Prospect can be found at their website at

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